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You can find quality heavy duty plastic boxes and containers NEW & USED through my site from Europe and around the world.

You don't need to click further to source bulk quantities of plastic boxes as we know more about box uses, sources and manufacturers than anyone else in the UK. Simply pick up the phone and ask Simon on 07591 526912. He'll know exactly the sort of plastic boxes you need and either has them in stock or is likely to know the cheapest source. Crates, boxes, trays . . . he might even know of a return journey that you can solve your logistics problems. He also knows who's producing the latest designs of boxes with space saving and time and motion savings. Get a box that folds in the right way and you can save man-hours. Simon blogs occasionally on from where you'll be able to see just the tip of the iceberg of plastic box expertise in the logistics industry. Click here for the

plastic boxes

in our UK warehouse for immediate delivery. We have other plastic boxes for distribution from warehouses throughout Europe.

If you don't see the type of plastic box you are looking for in our UK warehouses email Simon
or telephone him on 07591 526912. If you're looking for plastic trays, crates and boxes in wholesale quantities then you'll find Simon's trade knowledge more useful than Google's chosen first page suggestions of Homebase and ASDA currently appearing for Googles search for plastic boxes.

Are you looking for the best value and choice in PLASTIC BOXES - CONTAINERS - CRATES - BINS - PALLETS!

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Simon knows who sells what! Huge savings on normal prices.

Most people find the boxes they need from here.

stack nesting box

You can also rest assured that we are working with environmentally friendly companies who are developing new ways to recycle the plastics that you and they use.

attached lidded plastic box made with recycled plastic
Just 12 Euro with discounts for quantity
Please browse around the types of boxes they make and email us for prices. You'll be pleasantly surprised. (One of the best ways of recycling is to use already used boxes!). This saves the energy and environmental impact of transport of ground recycled plastics and remoulding. Our stock of USED BOXES is LARGE with boxes for every application: please email us .

Whilst we like to encourage you environmentally towards re-using boxes, there is one model of box that everyone seems to be wanting . . . you might be looking for it yourself! Its an ALC ( Attached Lidded Box )

Its capacity is 60 litres. It measures 60cm long x 40cm wide x 30cm (about 1ft) high and its price is just 12 Euro. The stock colours are red, blue, green, black, orange and yellow. If you want 10,000 of them, the price might be different! Send us an email

I have stocks of all other sizes, styles and types of new and used plastic boxes, plastic stacking crates, nesting trays, pallet boxes, pallets, buckets, bins and wheelie bins.

On the right is our new Supermarket stacking nesting bail-arm crate or tray which we are selling uniquely in Europe at an unbeatable price and it's not made in China!

Please click on the links below as well as our recyclable range and if you canít see it on my site, email us and Iíll still be able to look around in my stores or source the plastic product for you.

supermarket crate with handles

We source the best value boxes available anywhere! Our current special offers of used boxes include

Stack and nest box with lid
Nesting box for shelf storage
Bailarm / Swing-bar stacking and nesting boxes
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 boxes  Factory
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